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Light on a New World Articles - on specific important topics and words

Aim: To encourage Bible study for a better understanding of God's message.
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 Rosetta Stone
In the British Museum in London there is a slab of black stone called the Rosetta Stone that is famous worldwide.
The top is Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic. The middle is Demotic scripts. The bottom is in Ancient Greek.
20 Feb 2024
The Philistines nation included Delilah and Goliath, caused so much trouble in the Old Testament for the Israelites.
Who were they? They had disappeared by New Testament times. What happened to them?
14 Feb 2024
 Is God Dead?
And other questions about the Big Bang, Evolution, 'Fine-tuning' of the Universe,
the Origin of Life (abiogenesis), Archaeological discoveries in the Middle East,
the tide of modern history and Atheism in the raw!
6 Feb 2024
 Frequently Asked Questions on Jesus
How long did Jesus live on the earth? Was Jesus "already there" before his birth?
Which Church did Jesus belong to? Were there other prophets during the time of Jesus?
Why was the cross of Jesus placed between two others?
30 Jan 2024
 Isaac as a Type of Christ
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are called the Jewish forefathers or Patriarchs.
Less is known about Isaac but many aspects of his life point forward to Jesus.
This article investigates both his life and the 'types'.
23 Jan 2024
 God as a Father
The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God" - Psalm 14:1
The wise recognise God, learn more about Him and what he wants from us.
17 Jan 2024
 Can we Trust New Testament History?
Doubters in the Bible history facts have been proven wrong again and again.
Learning the Bible is factually accurate, strengthens our faith in it.
4 Jan 2024
 The Second Coming of Christ
Jesus' ministry on Earth was his 1st coming.
His 2nd coming will start the Kingdom of God on Earth.
25 Oct 2023
 What Must I Do To Be Saved?
God has offered everyone everlasting life but we have make the effort to learn
God's plan and to obey his commands.
8 Oct 2023
 What is the Kingdom of God?
It is the goal of the Gospel message, here are the details.
Where is it going to be? When is it happening? How to get there?
12 Oct 2023
 Christadelphian Beliefs
A simple list of the fundamentals and explanation of origins of the name.
12 Oct 2023
 Development of Mankind
The period from the fall of Adam and Eve to the time of Abraham.
A period of 2,000 years covered in only ten chapters of Genesis.
2 Nov 2023
 The Trinity
The vast majority of Christians believe that God is composed of three persons,
all co-equal and co-eternal. Unfortunately, it is not in the Bible!
11 Nov 2023
Abraham is an important character of the early Bible and the father of the
Jewish people. Known as the friend of God for his faith and a good example to us.
27 Nov 2023
 Where is Abraham?
A simple enough question from a Bible scholar but a complex answer to unravel.
He was promised the land of Israel and everlasting life but how and when?
22 Nov 2023
 Evidence for the Resurrection
The Bible is emphatic that the first Christians believed that Jesus rose from
the dead in bodily form. But did it really happen?
29 Nov 2023
 Jerusalem City of Peace
Jerusalem is a controversial city and often in the News but also the
centre of God's plan and the capital of the future Kingdom on earth.
6 Dec 2023

Important Bible words

"If we value the things that are not seen above those that are, then that faith will bring us to God’s kingdom."
11 Jan 2024
"For many life is not dangerous, but even so, life without hope hardly bears thinking about."
28 Dec 2023
Mandatory action to be saved from death (along with belief)
10 Oct 2023
We can't earn by hard work a place in the Kingdom of God but God is willing to fill the short fall
5 Oct 2023
"Godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come", 1 Timothy 4.8
20 Oct 2023
"The Bible reveals to us a God who is essentially loving and forgiving towards His children."
26 Oct 2023
"An important word from the Old Testament animals sacrifices to the New Testament sacrifice of Jesus"
13 Dec 2023
"A Christian journey is first Belief, then Baptism followed by regular Prayers to out heavenly Father through Jesus"
20 Dec 2023

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